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Name Saco-Lowell Shops
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Image of Douglass family papers - 1929-1938

Douglass family papers - 1929-1938

Lloyd Douglass (1912-1984) worked as an apprentice in the Metallurgy Laboratory at the Saco-Lowell Shops in Biddeford in the years leading up to WWII. This collection is particularly good at showing the tightly controlled business practices employed by SLS during the lean years of the Great Depression.

Image of ART2010.003C - Plate, Identification

ART2010.003C - Plate, Identification

Identification/serial number plate from a Pepperell Manufacturing spinning frame, circa 1940. Saco-Lowell Shops manufactured textile machinery for Pepperell Company; as noted on this 1914 brand name and serial number plate which came from a spinning frame at the Biddeford mill. Plate reads: "SACO-LOWELL SHOPS - BUILT AT BIDDEFORD, MAINE. 1914 - SERIAL NO. 27726"

Image of 0101 - Negative, Glass Plate

0101 - Negative, Glass Plate

The Saco and Pettee Shops (later Saco-Lowell Shops) as seen from Water Street, Saco, in 1910. At the right is the famous Spring House on Spring's Island, where General Lafayette was entertained in June 1825 (now Deering Lumber building).

Image of 0648 - Negative, Sheet Film

0648 - Negative, Sheet Film

Saco-Lowell Shops blacksmith crew, Biddeford, 1933. FIRST ROW (L-R): Omer Nadeau; Paul Watson; Edmond Hevey; Fred Watson; Joseph Vachon; Albert Provencher; Octave Bellerose. SECOND ROW: Alphonse Vachon; Eulah Ellington; Steve Watson; Frank Stackpole; - Stone; Leo Bellerose; - Coates. THIRD ROW: - Gallant; - Mayo; Alphonse Lemieux; Ralph Provencher; Alex Stackpole.

Image of 0667 - Print, Photographic

0667 - Print, Photographic

A-1 Used Cars, corner of Elm and Smith Streets, across the street from the Saco-Lowell Shops, during spring flood (March 28-30), 1953. This building is now home to NorthEast Electrical Distributors [as of 2017].

Image of 0725 - Negative, Sheet Film

0725 - Negative, Sheet Film

Aerial view of textile industry buildings, Biddeford, and the Saco River, 1929. This view, from an unknown publication, shows (L-R) Pepperell Mill buildings and Saco-Lowell Shops along the Saco River.

Image of 0736 - Print, Photographic

0736 - Print, Photographic

A pen and ink sketch of the Saco-Lowell Shops, 1948. The sketch was drawn by Ernest Brousseau. This view is from near Bradbury Bridge, looking up Elm Street towards the railroad bridge that passes over Elm.

Image of 0778a - Print, Photographic

0778a - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of the area of downtown Biddeford above the Saco River falls, 1950. Shows the Saco-Lowell Shops, Deering Lumber, Diamond Match Company, Bradbury Bridge, Spring's Island and neighborhoods around Hooper Street and St. Mary's church.

Image of 1065a - Negative, Glass Plate

1065a - Negative, Glass Plate

Pepperell Mills, Saco-Lowell Shops and the falls, Biddeford, 1912. This shows the mill dams during a period of high water.

Image of 1302 - Print, Photographic

1302 - Print, Photographic

Army and Navy officers and local officials at a demonstration of the De Gama process of reclaiming scrap metal at the Saco-Lowell Shops, Biddeford, August 1942. This photo appeared in the Biddeford Journal for August 24, 1942. First row (L-R): Fred Koehler, NY; Captain Victor Beecroft, assistant works manager of Saco-Lowell; L.L. Clark, NY; Senator Ralph O. Brewster of Maine; Mayor Louis B. Lausier, Biddeford; Mayor Gerry B. Nutting, Saco; Horace Potter. Second row: Lieutenant E.J. Vinnicombe; Frank H. Schoenfuss; Lieutenant Edward Sherman; Lieutenant Commander Homer Ambrose; Dr. Vasco De Gama, inventor of process; Ted Johnson; Brigadier General Frank M. Lowe; R.J. Courtenay; Captain W.M.

Image of 1762 - Print, Photographic

1762 - Print, Photographic

Saco River falls between factory buildings circa 1900. Saco and Pettee Machine Shops, possibly others as well, line the Biddeford bank; and on Saco's Factory Island bank are York Manufacturing buildings.

Image of 1764 - Print, Photographic

1764 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of the Edwards Plant of the Saco-Lowell Shops (later Maremont Corporation) campus and surrounding countryside, Saco, circa 1960.

Image of 1765 - Print, Photographic

1765 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of Saco-Lowell Shops: Edwards Plant (Maremont Corporation) and surrounding countryside, Saco circa 1960.

Image of 1772 - Print, Photographic

1772 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of the Maremont Corporation campus, Saco and surrounding countryside circa 1965. Maremont was the surviving offshoot of the Saco-Lowell Shops "Edward's Plant".

Image of 1780 - Print, Photographic

1780 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of Spring's Island area, Biddeford and Saco, November 2, 1962. Includes: Spring's Island; Deeing Lumber; Saco-Lowell Shops; B&M RR station; Somesville, Pine Street and Elm Street neighborhoods.

Image of 1784 - Print, Photographic

1784 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of Saco and Biddeford mill complex from Saco, looking west, circa 1960. Water Street, Saco with Poor Island, scrap metal shop and Garland Manufacturing visible. York/Bates Manufacturing, Pepperell Manufacturing, and Saco-Lowell buildings visible. [Name "Marshall" jotted on back of print, not known if possible photographer or donor.]

Image of 1822A - Print, Photographic

1822A - Print, Photographic

Temporary footbridge across Saco River while new Elm Street Bridge being built. Connected Gooch Street, Biddeford to Spring's Island; view of Saco-Lowell Shops, Gooch Street homes and businesses. Taken 12-15-1920 from Spring's Island. There was a mill on the island side of the footbridge for many years.

Image of 1822B - Print, Photographic

1822B - Print, Photographic

Temporary footbridge across Saco River while new Elm Street Bridge being built. Connected Gooch Street, Biddeford to Spring's Island; view of neighborhood near Pine, Maple and Walnut Streets. Taken 12-15-1920 "from roof of shop".

Image of 2218 - Print, Photographic

2218 - Print, Photographic

Tape splicer [textile machinery], Saco-Lowell Shops, Biddeford. Circa 1922.

Image of 2219 - Print, Photographic

2219 - Print, Photographic

Testing cotton thread, Saco-Lowell Shops, Biddeford. Circa 1922.