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Name Textile industry
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Number of Object records 5
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Image of Douglass family papers - 1929-1938

Douglass family papers - 1929-1938

Lloyd Douglass (1912-1984) worked as an apprentice in the Metallurgy Laboratory at the Saco-Lowell Shops in Biddeford in the years leading up to WWII. This collection is particularly good at showing the tightly controlled business practices employed by SLS during the lean years of the Great Depression.

Image of ART2006.57 - Reed, Textile

ART2006.57 - Reed, Textile

Sley hook (also known as reed) for textile weaving with specially made handle, late 19th century.

Image of ART2010.003A - Winder, Bobbin

ART2010.003A - Winder, Bobbin

Winder used in textile manufacture at Pepperell Mills, Biddeford, circa 1940. A winder was used by a "Doffer" to rewind the spinning frame to its start position after a doff. A doffer would remove full bobbins and replace them with empty ones aftewards, starting the spinning frame. The rail on the frame would travel up and down and refill the bobbins. Image of doffer Laura Paquette from the Pepperell Sheet Newsletter (date unknown).

Image of art2010.003b - Hook

art2010.003b - Hook

Hook used by spinners in textile manufacture, circa 1940. This hook was used to clean the top of a spinning frame roll when the thread brock it round the top roll, much like a cotton ball, and the spinner had to retie the thread but before tying it she had to scrape off the cotton ball with this brass hook. The hooks had to be made of brass so as not the damage the steel and rubber rolls. Image of spinner Lauretta Doyon of Biddeford from the Pepperell Sheet Newsletter (date unknown).

Image of ART2010.003C - Plate, Identification

ART2010.003C - Plate, Identification

Identification/serial number plate from a Pepperell Manufacturing spinning frame, circa 1940. Saco-Lowell Shops manufactured textile machinery for Pepperell Company; as noted on this 1914 brand name and serial number plate which came from a spinning frame at the Biddeford mill. Plate reads: "SACO-LOWELL SHOPS - BUILT AT BIDDEFORD, MAINE. 1914 - SERIAL NO. 27726"

Image of ART2010.007 - Case, Textilemaking Tool

ART2010.007 - Case, Textilemaking Tool

Tool case belonging to Pepperell Mills weaver Laurette Boutet (1911-2003) of Biddeford. Set includes the zippered case and nine threading and/or sleying hooks of various shapes and sizes. To "sley" is to put warp through the reed, often using a sley hook to assist the process. A "threading hook" is a long skinny hook to assist threading warp ends through heddles. Weavers were highly skilled textile workers, and Ms. Boutet worked for Pepperell for 50 years, retiring in 1977. She was a lifelong Biddeford resident, and passed away June 2003.

Image of 0080 - Print, Photographic

0080 - Print, Photographic

The Looms in the Laconia Division of the Pepperell Mills, December 27, 1910.

Image of 0077a - Print, Photographic

0077a - Print, Photographic

Spinning, Laconia Division - Pepperell Mills, Biddeford, December 1910. [Also BW 3.5" x 5" film copy negative]

Image of 0077b - Negative, Glass Plate

0077b - Negative, Glass Plate

Spinning, Laconia Division and workers there - Pepperell Mills, December 1910.

Image of 0077c - Print, Photographic

0077c - Print, Photographic

Spinning room, Pepperell Mills, Biddeford in 1910.

Image of 0077d - Print, Photographic

0077d - Print, Photographic

Spinning, Laconia Division - Pepperell Mills, Biddeford, December 1910.

Image of 0078a - Negative, Glass Plate

0078a - Negative, Glass Plate

Web-drawing in the Laconia Division - Pepperell Mills, 1910.

Image of 0078b - Print, Photographic

0078b - Print, Photographic

Spinning in the Laconia Division of the Pepperell Mills, December 1910. [Also BW 3.5" x 5" film copy negative]

Image of 0079 - Print, Photographic

0079 - Print, Photographic

Interior view of Laconia Division at Pepperell Mills, Biddeford, 1910.

Image of 0635a - Print, Photographic

0635a - Print, Photographic

Building addition at the Laconia division of the Pepperell Manufacturing Company, Biddeford in 1909.

Image of 0584 - Negative, Sheet Film

0584 - Negative, Sheet Film

Superintendents and Overseers of the Pepperell Mills, Biddeford, 1895. SITTING (L-R): Frank W. Cookson; John A. Wilson; Frank Libby; John R. Bonser; George K. Gibbs; Henry T. Spencer; Andrew A. Mason; Robert S. Donaldson. STANDING: John Campbell; John O'Dea, George F. Kenisston; Frank H. Staples; Frederick Greene; Charles D. Thurber; James B. Hanson; Thomas C. Bradbury; Andrew J. Goldthwait; and Mr. John Buckley, the famous "yard boss".

Image of 0635b - Print, Photographic

0635b - Print, Photographic

Building addition to the Laconia division of the Pepperell Manufacturing Company, Biddeford, 1909.

Image of 0637 - Print, Photographic

0637 - Print, Photographic

View from Nason's Hill of the Pepperell & York Mills, circa 1910. The Biddeford gas house is visible center right.

Image of 0638 - Print, Photographic

0638 - Print, Photographic

Boarding House Blocks 1 and 2, Laconia Mills, circa 1900. These brick blocks formed an extension of York Street, beyond Laconia Street. They were torn down and replaced by the big Laconia weave room, about 1912. This photo appeared in the Journal Tribune's "Biddeford: 350 years 1630-1980" issue.

Image of 0648 - Negative, Sheet Film

0648 - Negative, Sheet Film

Saco-Lowell Shops blacksmith crew, Biddeford, 1933. FIRST ROW (L-R): Omer Nadeau; Paul Watson; Edmond Hevey; Fred Watson; Joseph Vachon; Albert Provencher; Octave Bellerose. SECOND ROW: Alphonse Vachon; Eulah Ellington; Steve Watson; Frank Stackpole; - Stone; Leo Bellerose; - Coates. THIRD ROW: - Gallant; - Mayo; Alphonse Lemieux; Ralph Provencher; Alex Stackpole.